Day Two: Best Available (The Short List)


Here’s a quick list of some of the better talents available that are likely to go on Day Two. They are only loosely ranked, with signability, talent, and age considered.

  1. Nolan Sanburn, RHP (Arkansas)
  2. Hunter Virant, LHP (Prep)
  3. Tanner Rahier, SS (Prep)
  4. Carson Kelly, 3rd/RHP (Prep)
  5. Wyatt Mathisen, INF/C (Prep)
  6. Branden Kline, RHP (Virginia)
  7. Alex Bregman, INF/C (Prep)
  8. Nolan Fontana, SS (Florida)
  9. Ty Buttrey, RHP (Prep)
  10. Tom Murphy, C (Buffalo)
  11. Brett Mooneyham, LHP (Stanford)
  12. Anthony Alford, OF (Prep)
  13. Martin Agosta, RHP (St. Mary’s)
  14. Jameis Winston, OF (Prep)
  15. Peter O’Brien, C (Miami)