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About Minor League Baseball: a place for baseball news, draft previews and analysis, fantasy advice, independent ball, college/high school scouting, and just general baseball randomness.

About Iain: Iain used to be a budding minor league baseball radio announcer, but has since shifted to a “real job” with a “real paycheck” and “real benefits.” He does not regret this decision. However, this means instead of spewing baseball nonsense over the airwaves, he now scribbles baseball nonsense on this site. Iain is MiLB Rundown’s resident historian, as well as their independent baseball and MLB fantasy expert; thus most of his articles focus on those areas. He enjoys a good scotch while listening to the blues, and his apartment has many leather bound books and smells of rich mahogany.

About John: John has been writing about the draft on and off for the past four years, through various now-defunct outlets. Being a fan of the Chicago Cubs, and looking to the future for hope, the minor leagues and player development quickly became a focal point of his baseball love. Rather ironic when you look at the Cubs’ history of player development (or lack thereof).